Travel Insurance: am I covered if I need to cancel/reschedule my trip?

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If something has happened and you can no longer travel as scheduled, there’s cover for your pre-paid, non-refundable Trip Cancellation charges but only if the reason for cancelling is a covered unforseen event that has taken place after the effective date of the policy.

There’s cover if you must cancel your trip prior to your scheduled departure if caused by such events as:

  • Sickness, accidental injury or death to you, a traveling companion, or a family member not travelling with you.
  • Inclement weather or a strike causing the complete cessation of services for at least 24 consecutive hours preventing you from reaching your destination.
  • Your principal place of residence being made uninhabitable by natural disaster or it is burgled within 10 days of your scheduled departure date.
  • You or a traveling companion is called to active military service, or military leave is revoked.
  • You or a traveling companion being hijacked, quarantined, subpoenaed, required to serve on a jury or a victim of a felonious assault within 10 days of scheduled departure

You’ll find the full list of covered unforseen events under ‘Trip Cancellation’ in the Travel Protection Plan.

What you need to do if you can’t travel anymore:

If you need to cancel of your trip due to a covered unforeseen event, you must notify your Travel Supplier AND Trip Mate within 72 hours or as soon as possible.

You must provide to Trip Mate the following documentation of the cancellation and proof of the loss when submitting your claim:

  • proof of payment for the Trip
  • proof of any refunds received
  • copies of applicable Travel Supplier or Common Carrier cancellation policies
  • all unused air, rail, cruise, or other tickets if claiming the value of those unused tickets
  • any other information reasonably required to prove the Loss
  • claims involving loss due to Sickness, Injury, or death require signed patient (or next of kin) authorization to release medical information and an attending Physician’s statement
  • claims involving other reasons also require documentation such as police reports, a copy of the jury notice, etc.

What’s not covered?

Travel insurance is not designed to cover everything, so take the time to read the full description of cover in Travel Protection Plan for full details on what’s not covered.

Here are the main things that aren’t covered:

  • any cancellation claim relating to a pre-existing medical condition to you or your Traveling Companion.
  • any cancellation claim that is not a result of a covered unforeseen event.
  • any additional charges that would not have been charged had you notified the Travel Supplier as soon as reasonable possible.

Any questions?

For customer service you can send a message or call Trip Mate direct:

Telephone:+1-844-207-1930 (toll free within the US and Canada)

Telephone:+1-816-905-3963  (international direct/collect)

The Trip Mate customer service team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your queries.

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Last Updated: Sep 21, 2019 07:30AM AEST