Travel insurance cover for baggage and personal effects

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Obviously it’s important to keep a sharp eye on your baggage and personal effects while traveling, but hey, some crazy things can happen on the road. And there are some very talented thieves out there. So your policy can help if your gear is lost, stolen or damaged.

What’s covered:

There's cover to claim up to the policy limits if:

  • Your luggage and personal effects are stolen, accidentally damaged or lost on your trip.
  • Your checked-in luggage is stolen, lost or damaged by a common carrier (like an airline or bus company).
  • Your travel documents, traveler’s checks or passport are stolen, accidently lost or used fraudulently.
  • Sporting equipment when lost by the carrier or if it’s damaged (while not in use) or stolen.

The maximum amount you can claim for all your luggage and personal effects is $3,000 per insured person with a maximum claim amount of $500 per item for an Explorer policy; or $1,000 per insured person with a maximum claim amount of $500 per item for a Standard policy.

How it works:

Depending on what’s happened, your personal effects are covered by repairing, replacing or paying you its value in cash, after allowing for wear, tear and depreciation.

If your personal effects (including travel documents and passport) are lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll need to obtain a written official report from the local police or other appropriate authority within 24 hours of the discovery. While we understand that this can be a challenge in a country where you don't speak the language and you may even need to pay for it, it is a condition of the policy that needs to be met in order for a claim to be considered.

And of course you’ll also need to provide evidence of the value and your ownership of the goods to support your claim. What we are looking for is proof that the item was yours.

What’s not covered:

The policy isn’t designed to cover everything. Be sure to read your policy, which explains in detail what’s covered and not covered, all of the limits, terms and conditions, and what you must do if something happens to your personal effects and you need to make a claim.

At no time for any reason should you leave your bags or any personal items unsupervised anywhere.

There’s no cover if your gear is: • Left behind, forgotten, misplaced or left unsupervised in a public place. • Left unsupervised in a car or boat at night or left unsupervised during the day unless locked in the trunk/concealed luggage compartment with evidence of forced entry. • Any portable electronic device, jewelry, travel document, cash or credit card which is checked in with a common carrier; held for transport; left unsupervised in a motorized vehicle, boat, tent or camper trailer at any time; left secured but where there’s no visible evidence of damage and forced entry; out of your reach or view, or stored with a service provider.

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