What countries are covered by World Nomads travel insurance?

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We cover all countries except those that have specific Government 'Do Not Travel' warnings, which means you're free to explore as many countries as you like.

When you get a quote, if you try to add a country that has a current 'Do Not Travel' warning, we'll tell you it ain't a good idea (Try Somalia for example).

Just be aware that Government warnings change regularly, so when you are planning your trip, check the Government travel advisory for where you are going (www.smartraveller.gov.au) before you start booking flights and accommodation or paying deposits.

Government sanctions may also restrict us from paying claims in certain countries, so we don't feel right about offering cover in these countries. 

Sanctions and government warnings change, so we'll tell you when you get a quote if we can cover you to travel to a specific country or region. When you get a quote, you can add individual countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos) or regions (Asia, Europe, Worldwide) or a mix of both (Thailand, Vietnam, Asia). The more detail you give us on where you're going, the more helpful we can be.

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Last Updated: Sep 30, 2019 05:40PM AEST