Your policy

  • World Nomads: Making changes to your travel insurance policy

    You can sign in to your World Nomads membership to make certain changes to your policy. Before the policy starts: Change the start date. You can change the start of the policy to any day, except today’s date or a date in the past.. Cancel your policy. We’ll give you a full refund if you ...

  • Extending & buying more travel insurance cover

    If you decide to travel longer, we can help keep you covered! Your policy may be extended up to a maximum 12 months. You can also buy a new policy while travelling if your policy has expired. How to extend your trip and cover Simply sign into your World Nomads membership, select your current ...

  • Where is my policy certificate?

    Your policy documents are always stored in your World Nomads membership. You can sign into your membership at anytime then after selecting your policy number you can view or print your policy documents.