What is the travel insurance policy excess/deductible?

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A USD$100 / EUR €70 policy excess applies for all claims except for Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation expenses. Please note, if you require an emergency medical evacuation while in Nepal, a USD $700 / EUR €570 policy excess applies. 

A policy excess is a deductible or co-pay amount, payable per person, for each claim related to one event. 

For example:
If you have pain-relieving treatment and you pay USD $250 in total medical expenses for this one event, you will be reimbursed USD $250 minus the excess USD $100, thus you will receive USD $150.

If you are in Nepal and require an emergency medical evacuation, you must contact our Emergency Assistance team for pre-approval. An evacuation can cost over USD $5 000. If approved, and arranged by us, we will settle the bill directly with the helicopter company, less the excess of USD $700 for which you yourself are responsible to pay directly with the helicopter company. If you pay yourself, and we have approved the cover, you will be reimbursed the evacuation expenses we would have paid, less the USD $700 excess. If however, you also pay USD $1000 for emergency medical treatment related to the same event, you will be reimbursed USD $1000 + medical evacuation expenses minus the excess of USD $700.

You only pay one excess for each event. 

Sorry, it's not possible to buy out or remove the policy excess.

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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018 09:16PM AEDT