How to make a claim

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If you have to make a claim, the easiest way is to claim online. The following guide will step you through how to do this.

Also read this article if you're having trouble submitting your claim.

1. Gather your receipts.

It's helpful to get all of your receipts and invoices together first and submit all expenses for your claim at once. Keep copies of every expense, bill, invoice and report as you will need to provide these to the claims team so they can assess your claim.

2. Sign in.

Sign into your World Nomads membership. Use the links to 'Make a claim' once signed in to your membership dashboardHow to claim

3. Make a new claim.

Select the policy you wish to claim againstHow to claim

If you're having trouble finding your policy, contact us and we'll check your membership. You may have purchased it as a guest or under a different email address so your policy wont show up in your membership.

Just so you know, you'll need to submit a new claim for each individual event and type of expense.

4. Tell us what happened

Simply follow the prompts and answer all the questions relevant to your claim to tell us who was involved, what happended and when.Starting your claim

5. List your expenses

List each expense for the amount shown on your receipt/invoice and answer all other questions.

6. Add your bank details

Once assessed, your claim payout will be sent directly into your bank account.If you don’t know all of your bank information, you can 'save progress' on your claim then once you have this information, simply login and continue on with your claim. Sorry but it isn't possible to continue submitting your claim without your bank details.

7. Now we'll need your supporting documentation.

You'll be sent an email advising what documentation you will need to send us to support your claim.required documents

8. Upload your documentation, receipts, invoices or other proof of your expenses

If you need help to upload, there are instructions on how to do this in the email we sent you.

9. Review your claim

Check your claim details or edit your claim before you submit it if needed.

10. Submit your claim

The claims team will review your claim and let you know if they need extra documentation. It can take up to 10 business days to hear from them, depending on how busy they are, so please be patient.

11. Communicate with the claims team

You can also contact the claims team if you've got questions about your claim.

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Last Updated: May 23, 2019 02:42PM AEST