Am I covered by Travel Insurance if I'm on a working holiday?

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What’s covered

There’s cover while on your working holiday but only when you have the appropriate working visa and/or are allowed to work under the local laws of the country you are working in.

Be sure to choose the right plan depending on what you’ll be doing so you’ll be insured while working.

Plan Work type
Standard Non-manual work
Any work which does not include physical labour. Examples include office work, hospitality, teaching, care-giving or retail work.
Explorer Non-manual work AND manual work
Manual work is physical labour, usually done with your hands or machinery. Examples include fruit picking, hair-dressing, construction or work in a factory assembly line.

Indian residents: Our insurer for Indian travellers,Bupa Global Travel has decided that they are no longer able to manage benefits greater than cover for Overseas Medical Expenses and Medical Evacuation/Repatriation.

How it works

Will you be working with animals? If so, do let us know so we can confirm whether or not there’s cover.

You must wear protective clothing as specified by your employer or local government regulation and you must be trained and/or licensed to operate machinery and/or to work at height (i.e. above ground level e.g. using ladders).
If something happens while at work and you need medical evacuation or if you are hospitalised and incur overseas medical expenses, you must contact the emergency assistance team as soon as possible for assistance and to arrange and pre-approve all expenses.

In the event of a claim for medical expenses you must notify the insurer of any insurance cover you have through your employer or under any workers' compensation act.

What’s not covered?

The policy isn’t designed to cover everything. Take the time to read the terms and conditions in the Product Guide for full details, limits to cover and exclusions. That way there are no surprises if you need to use it.

Here are the main things that aren’t covered:

  • Any personal liability expenses which concern or are incurred as a result of: 1. claims arising out of or incidental to your business, employment or work; OR 2. physical injury to any co-worker.
  • Any on-going medical expenses once you return to your home country.
  • Anything else that’s listed in the General Exclusions and specific exclusions in the policy wording.

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